Some of The Basics of Automobile Insurance Law in the State of Florida



One person died in this three-car crash. (KATU News photo)

If you own an automobile in the State of Florida, you must carry $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection Insurance and you can carry up to $1000 deductible on that PIP insurance. Of course, if you do carry a deductible, you are responsible for that amount of money ( the deductible you choose) against your own medical bills when hurt in an accident.

PIP insurance minus your deductible amount, covers up to 80% of reasonable medical expenses due to the accident; 60% of wages lost due to the accident; and a $5000 death benefit.

PIP covers you, relatives that live with you, and anyone driving your car with your permission, if the accident happens in the State of Florida. Outside the State of Florida, but still in the US or Canada, it covers you and people who live in your household, but only if you are driving the car.

Property Damage Insurance covers any damage you or anyone in your household causes while driving a car.

Bodily Injury Insurance or BI is not required in the State of Florida. However, if you are in an accident in our State, and someone is hurt because of your negligence, and there is a police report, when you go to renew your license, you could be hit with a hefty fine for not carrying BI and injuring someone. The fine is in the thousands, and it is much cheaper to carry BI insurance than face this fine. BI insurance covers injuries you and relatives living with you cause, even if driving someone else’s car. BI kicks in after PIP is exhausted. It will also pay legal fees in your defense if you get sued and are carrying BI insurance.

We have written a lot about uninsured motorist coverage. It is the single most important thing you can do for yourself when buying automobile insurance. It covers your injuries after PIP is exhausted and if you are hit by someone not carrying BI insurance.

This is just a basic run down of important automobile insurance coverages.  There are many other coverages you could opt for such as : Medical payments; rental car reimbursement; towing; accidental death and dismemberment. It can be a lot to decipher.

That is why your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando, and your Car Accident Attorney, Steen J. Brown, would like you to visit us for a free consultation to look over your automobile insurance policy and make suggestions to better cover yourself if ever involved in an accident.

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Not All Car Accident Attorneys in Orlando are Created Equal!


We prefer not to be a drive through car accident attorney. What I mean by that, is being a small firm, when we say we take it PERSONALLY, we fight for every penny you deserve, rather than rush our cases forward, taking whatever the insurance company offers, so that we can get paid. In fact, we have had 2 claims this week, where we were $500 apart with the insurance company. $500 is nothing to them, but for you it could pay one of your medical bills, and therefore put $500 more in your pocket. And that is our concern, that you get more than anyone involved in settlement, even ourselves. In both of those cases, we talked to management and got the additional $500 for our clients.

We also spend the time to negotiate your medical bills to put more in your pocket, since you are the one that suffered the injury. In our minds, even medical providers should not get all of the compensation due to you. Of course we are talking minor injury claims here – not catastrophic claims – where the medical bills could be astronomical.

Thank God most claims are not catastrophic. Most are every day collisions, where yes someone does get hurt, but injuries are not debilitating. Most of the big guys won’t take the small claims. We will take them all day long, because we champion the little guy, rather than the insurance company. In fact, that is one thing I love about Personal Injury, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, if you are hurt, and deserve compensation, and there is adequate insurance on both sides ( make sure you carry uninsured motorist coverage) you will get it by hiring us as your Car Accident Attorney In Orlando.

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Facts About Motorcycle Crashes


In studying data on motorcycle accidents, here’s something’s we have found:

  • In a typical motorcyclist crash, the motorcyclist was travelling under 30 miles an hour.
  • Most motorcyclist riders involved in a crash are between the ages of 16 and 25. Much less between the ages of 30 and 50.


  • About ½ of all motorcyclist accidents involve alcohol. So the old, “Don’t drink and Drive”, definitely applies here.
  • Not paying attention to the driving task is a big factor in motorcycle accidents.
  • Motorcycles that have been modified are involved in significantly more accidents.

Look to your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Orlando, Steen James Brown of Brown Law, P.L., 407-344-3400 to keep you updated and call us if ever hurt in a motorcycle accident!

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Road Rage, Aggressive Drivers, and Accidents


I recently read an article put out by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. It stated that 80% of American drivers have engaged in some form of road rage. That was shocking to me and I started to think about the safety factor and the possibility of the accidents road rage could cause, since I am a Personal Injury Attorney myself.

Road rage can take all sorts of shapes and forms: yelling, honking your horn, tailgating, getting out of your car to confront another driver, and worst of all ramming another car on purpose. My desire for the safety of my clients prompted me to write about this.

Some of us are non-aggressive drivers. How do we stay safe?

Leave early for your destination. There is nothing worse that fearing you will be late, which does not allow you to stay calm if confronted by an aggressive driver.

Leaving early also allows you to maintain a safe distance from other cars as you are not in so much of a hurry to get where you are going.

If someone is tailing you because they want to go faster than you are, move over and let them pass. Remember you have left early so you don’t need to panic nor put yourself in the situation of being confronted by an aggressive driver.

Listening to calming music on the radio can help you keep a good state of mind.

Above all do not engage with an aggressive driver. Move over as far as you can from one or off to the shoulder and let that person go buy.

I all else fails, call for help in case of harassment by an aggressive driver.

If an accident ensues, call for that help first and then call your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando, Brown Law, P.L. 407-344-3400

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What are the Elements of a Valid Contract in the State of Florida?


In the State of Florida, there are certain elements that must be present in order to have a valid contract.

First of all, a contract is an agreement either between two people or between two corporations. One party agrees to perform a service or provide goods in exchange for money. Because of the agreement, there must be “an offer” and acceptance between the parties. No offer and acceptance; no contract.

There are also “terms” to the contract that must be met. All contracts should have a beginning and an end date.

Contracts can be written or oral depending on the type of contract. For, example, real estate contracts or contracts that cannot be performed within a year from the date of the contract, must be in writing.

Written contracts will always be more self-protective and easier to enforce than oral contracts. Oral contracts can sometimes come down to a “he” said, “she said” type thing which will be difficult to prove in court.

It is always a good thing not to sign any contract without consulting your Orlando Contract Law Attorney, Steen James Brown, 407-344-3400. Someone can present a contract to you with legal language in it, you may not understand. It is never a good idea to sign a contract you do not understand, nor leave it up to the other party to tell you what his/her interpretation of the contract is. Consult your Orlando Contract Law Attorney first to see that you have every protection you need under the law before signing that contract!


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More Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

  • Most accidents involving automobiles and motorcycles involve changing lanes and/or left-hand turns.
  • Visibility is a big cause of accidents involving motorcycles. Motorcyclists can help themselves by riding with their lights on and wearing bright colored helmets and clothing.
  • Motorcyclists involved in accidents are normally without any kind of training.
  • Experience on the road is another big factor in motorcycle accidents.
  • Typically, motorcyclists have less than 2 minutes to react to the possible collision.


If you have the misfortune to have a motorcycle accident; get help first; then call Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Orlando, Steen J. Brown 407-344-3400.

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How Can You Benefit by Hiring a Personal Injury Firm in Orlando


There is so much that one goes through after a car or motorcycle accident. The first thing to consider is your health and safety. Pushing the car out of the road or at least away from disturbing other traffic, and for your own safety, is paramount. Of course, if you are hurt, that would be your first consideration in calling for medical help or hopefully, someone else calling if you are unable. If you are hurt and the property damage is more than a fender bender, you must call local police or highway patrol. Exchanging driver information and pictures at the scene are also very important. So this is a lot.


Can you imagine, if you have not consulted your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando, Brown Law, P.L. 407-344-3400, and along comes the insurance company, making you an offer quickly, because they know your case will be worth that much more if you hire your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando. What if you are told the person that hit you and caused injuries has no bodily injury insurance. How could you be sure of that? Without your Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando, you probably could not be. We would, regardless of being told that, send for the policy to be sure the information we were given from the insurance company was correct.

A lot of times, insurance companies will try to rush you to a quick settlement. Most of what we see are offers of $1000 to $1500. It is probably good to realize, they wouldn’t be rushing you to a quick settlement if they didn’t think your claim is worth more and want to settle quickly before you consult your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando.

Only once, have we seen an insurance company offer a decent amount to settle a claim? The amount offered was a little more than the client would have gotten after we were paid for our work. Because we want most of the money to go into our client’s pocket, we advised our client to take the offer because it was in their best interest.

Normally, in any auto accident or motorcycle claim, you are treating medically 2 to 3 times a week. Some of our clients talk about extreme pain. So there you are trying to get well and you find out that the person that hit you gave you false insurance information. Can you imagine trying to figure out what to do about that? It happens all too often, and that is what your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando is for. We start at the beginning helping you to get the medical care you deserve. Then, we go about the ultimate task of figuring out all the players involved in the accident, and notifying all insurance companies, sending for insurance policies and figuring out the best method to help you recuperate the most for your injury claim. Sometimes at the scene of the accident, the authorities give you a Florida Traffic Crash Driver Information Exchange, which is not the same as a Crash Report. It takes about a week to get that and ranges at price from $10 to $15. We absorb that cost as well as any cost for medical records and take that off your back while you are concentrating on getting well.

It’s a lot, but it is what needs to be done to get you just compensation and we are happy to help you!

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Truck Accidents in Florida


Because of the population of Florida (4th most largest in population in the nation), Florida has become quite the hub for importing and exporting. Because of that, trucks on the road are a way of life in our state. And therefore, we have a great number of trucking accidents yearly.

The laws involving trucking accidents are a little more involved. That is why it is best to consult Orlando Truck Accident Attorney.


In Florida, trucks just like auto accidents have a duty to stop. But the duty imposed on trucks is even greater. State Law requires, that truckers involved in an accident, must not only stop and exchange driver information, but assist anyone hurt in the accident as well as call law enforcement and report the accident.

If a truck driver does not perform these duties of care to someone injured in an accident they were involved in, felony charges could apply.

By the same token, law enforcement is required to prepare a report whenever a commercial vehicle is involved. Even crashes that involve only property damage, but involve a commercial vehicle, must be reported  to local authorities.

Laws governing commercial vehicle accidents are much stricter. That is why it is always good to consult your Orlando Truck Accident Attorney, Brown Law, P.L. at 407-344-3400.

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Injured in an Accident in Florida: What can I Expect


If you have been injured in the State of Florida, either in a car accident, a slip and fall injury, a dog bit, a motorcycle accident or a boating accident, through someone else negligence, you are certainly entitled to have your medical bills taken care of (either by your own Personal Injury Protection part of your auto policy or other means), but you may also be entitled to other compensation.

There are some important steps you can take to protect yourself when an injury occurs:
1). Try to take pictures of any property damage (car, motorcycle or otherwise) and even of your injuries while they are fresh. As many pictures as can be taken of the situation will defray any false information given in the future.

2). Be sure to get the names of all persons involved and any witnesses, as well as exchange any pertinent insurance information.

3). Call local authorities to make a report, for example, local police or State Highway Patrol. A report will be very advantageous to your claim as people forget things or see things differently, and if you are injured, you need to do everything you can to protect yourself and your claim.

4). Make any statements of injury to the authorities, BUT DO NOT MAKE ANY STATEMENTS TO INSURANCE COMPANIES without contacting Your Personal Injury Attorney, Steen James Brown at 407-344-3400.

Good Personal Injury Attorneys work their cases on a contingency basis, which means you pay them NOTHING unless they recover a settlement for you. Therefore, Your Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando will be honest with you about whether or not you have a viable claim. Whereas, you cannot count on that with an Insurance company.

At Brown Law, P.L., we are always here to help. Your health is of the utmost importance to us. You will experience that we will do everything we can to take care of that first, and you let us worry about all the rest.

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Why Should I Hire A Car Accident Attorney in Orlando


, ,

First and foremost Car Accident Attorneys in Orlando, work on a Contingency basis. What that means, is regardless of the amount of work the attorney does, you pay nothing unless he/she procures a settlement for you. So you really have nothing to lose and hopefully in hiring the right attorney everything to gain. So even though attorneys don’t work for free, not hiring one could cost you more in the long run in a poor settlement.


And don’t trust an insurance company that wants to rush you to a settlement without consulting your Car Accident Attorney in Orlando. Once again you have nothing to lose as the consult is free. Recently, a client came to us after an insurance company wanted to settle with him for a mere $1500. He thought that was a lot of money. We were able to settle for the policy limits of the at-fault party and got him the full $10,000. Granted, our firm, Brown Law, P.L. got 33 1/3% of that $10,000, but you do the math, he got a lot more than $1500.00.

Call us at 407-344-3400. We want to help you if you have been injured in a car or motorcycle accident.