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With regard to divorce and child support, everything we do at Brown Law, P.L. is “ for our children.”

They suffer more from divorce because they don’t understand it. That is why it is important to hire good Divorce Lawyers in Orlando – those that have the children in mind rather than continuing the fight.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when approaching children about divorce:

  1. Try to tell the children together and without anger for their sake.
  2. Tell them BEFORE there are any changes in housing or schools.
  3. Show restraint, as the adults, in blaming and emotions.

As children they are going to want to know:

  1. I want you both to be involved in my life and I hope that won’t change.
  2. Please try to stop the fighting at least with situations that involve me.
  3. Talk to the other parent about my needs so I don’t have to bring messages back and forth.
  4. Try to say nice things about the other parent or nothing at all.

Brown Law, P.L. wants to be your Family Attorney in Orlando as well as your Orlando Child Support Attorneys.