When in an automobile accident, the insurance company for the other driver may want to take a recorded statement from you. If you have not hired Brown Law, P.L. your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando, you may think you have to comply. You may give this statement on your own, only to find out the insurance company may use your words against you down the road. For example, if making the recorded statement right away, you may say something like you do not feel hurt at the moment. Only to wake up within the next few days to incredible pain you didn’t know would be possible. The insurance company will most certainly try to use that statement of ” no pain” against you.

Legally, you probably do not have to comply with the other driver’s insurance company.. This may not be true of your own insurance company. Depending on what your own insurance policy says, you may be obligated to give your own insurance company a statement.

At Brown Law, P.L., your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando, we have you give any recorded statements in our office, with your attorney present to protect your interests.

It is so important not to speak to any insurance company before you speak to your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando, Brown Law, P.L.
We can help you navigate the tricky waters of dealing with Insurance companies.