Time and time again, clients come to us with a contract either written by themselves or someone else who is not an Attorney Licensed in the State of Florida.

As in many states, Legal Contracts in the state of Florida, must contain certain elements to be legal and valid. These elements are: Acceptance, Consideration, Mutuality, Competence and Capacity, and in some circumstances, the contract must be written.  If these elements are missing in the contract and the contract has been breached by the other party, you may not have a legal leg to stand on.

Now at the outset, those elements may seem not so difficult to write into a contract. But a contract must also be written in legal language acceptable by a court of law. That is not so easy to accomplish as a lay person.

This is why we continuously advise to have your contracts written by your Orlando Contract Law Attorney, Steen James Brown, so that they are written correctly, and if there is a Breach of Contract, legal steps can be taken to resolve that breach.