Because of the nature of Business Partnerships, and when money is on the line, conflicts will arise. There are some things to do ahead of time to try to insure the best result when that does happen.

First of all, make sure that all paperwork is written by your Orlando Contract Law Attorney Steen James Brown.

Mr. Brown is on the telephone as we speak, working with a client on a contract for an independent distributor.

So when these business disputes arise, try  to be a good listener as to what is in dispute. Also, try not to rush to judgement. The 24 hour rule applies to businesses as well as individuals. Sometimes it is best to sleep on things before making a decision. It also allows the other individual to calm down so that hopefully, you can come to a better decision together.

For those times when a decision is not rightly forthcoming, and there is still a difference of opinion,  a consultation or even mediation with your Orlando Contract Law Attorney, and Business Mediator, Steen James Brown is in order.