Automobile Accident Attorney in Orlando.

When do you need legal help in a car accident?  A lot depends on the injuries suffered due to the accident. If there is permanent injury or significant time lost at work, you probably need your (Car Injury Attorney (Automobile Accident Attorney in Orlando, Steen James Brown) to go to bat for you. There can be many considerations with an automobile accident, and if you have severe injuries and loss of income, seeing your ……… (not sure which term you are using) will provide you peace of mind that no stone goes unturned in your accident claim while you set about the business of healing.

At least seek advice on what your case may be worth. Although not an exact science, a good Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando, Like Brown Law, P.L. will be able to at least assess best and worst cases scenario. A lot of law firms will not be bothered with the small cases. We hear this every day from clients who have been to other firms. We will help the ordinary person, no matter how small an accident to determine and attain compensation as it is deserved.

Even a minor fender bender can cause injury. We have had many circumstances where this has happened and the insurance company has offered the injured party  $2-3000 for a quick settlement. In all cases, where we  have intervened the settlement has been more like $7500-$10,000.

So the client, even after we were compensated for our work,  has come out of the situation with virtually double what the insurance company first offered them.

If injured in an accident, call Brown Law, P.L. today – 407-344-3400.