Motorcycle Accidents Attorney Orlando

Motorcycle accidents, because the riders are virtually unprotected, other than helmet hopefully, can be much more devastating than motor vehicle accidents.

It is so imperative that motorcyclists carry as much insurance as automobile drivers to protect themselves if such an accident should occur.

We once had a case of a young motorcyclist, riding someone else’s bike, which bike owner had no insurance, and our client did not have a car so had no auto  insurance himself. Therefore, there was no money for medical payments or Personal Injury Protection to cover at least $10,000 in medical bills.

Our client had multiple surgeries, lost teeth, and needed at least a year of rehabilitation, none of which he had the money for. The person that hit him had no assets and only $10,000 of Bodily Injury Insurance. Even though, we were able to recover the $10,000 for him, with his mounting medical bills, it wasn’t much help. So if you intend for a motorcycle to be your mode of transportation, make sure you carry all the necessary insurance, including uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself.