Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Orlando

There are some little known facts regarding motorcycle accidents.

 Most happen during short distance runs, like running errands.

 Most occur due to a collision with another vehicle, most often automobiles. This happens due to road conditions, swerving to miss objects in the road, other vehicle’s not seeing the motorcyclist, and/or violating the motorcyclist’s right of way,  view of the motorcyclist obstructed for the auto driver, excessive speed by either driver, and the fact that while on a motorcycle, reaction time to avoid a collision is about 2 seconds. So experience in operating a motorcycle is a must and most collisions for motorcyclists occur to inexperienced riders.

A Helmet is a must. It would seem that bright clothing would also help to be seen.

Since most injuries, when in a motorcycle crash are to foot, ankle, and legs, heavy boots or any type of clothing that can protect these areas would be in order.

Of course, always carry all the necessary insurance on your motorcycle to protect yourself in case of accident.