There are some important attributes you might want in a automobile accident attorney in Orlando should you find yourself in that situation.

First and foremost at Brown Law, P.L. your health is our main concern. We have been known to get you right in to see a doctor even before we sign you up as a client. Other law firms would tell you or us that is risky as you could go elsewhere for legal representation. We are willing to take that risk because we want you to know that we mean it when we say, your health is most important to us. That is just one example where we at Brown Law, P.L. put your needs above our own.

Sometimes we are asked by other law firms, how we resolve car accidents as quickly as we do. At Brown Law, P.L., we have a system designed to move your cases as quickly as is possible. Sometimes the way in which an insurance company drags it’s feet causes delays, but we keep after them until your case is resolved satisfactorily and to your benefit.