Personal Injury Law is a very specialized field. We chuckle when we hear attorneys say they are “getting into it”.

Read reviews  on Facebook, Google, AVVO, wherever you can find them on the web. Look to see if the reviews involve car accidents and seem to be from real clients, rather than law firm friends.

Everyone says they will fight for your interests and we want to believe that is true of all, but in our eyes one of the important factors in hiring a car accident attorney in Orlando, is how long it takes them to solve the case. Recently, an assistant in another law firm asked us how we settle our cases so quickly. We have a system and a persistent case manager.

Of course, part of completing a car accident case is client cooperation.  Medical treatment must be consistent over time and not a situation where the client goes a few times, then takes a break for a week or two; then doesn’t keep MRI or specialist appointments, etc. It is not possible to prove to an insurance company that you are in pain when you do not keep your appointments. You must also finish treatment and be released by your doctors before we can send a demand package to the insurance company. So if you quit treatment, please do not look for a good settlement.

Towards the end of treatment, and before we send in a demand package, your Car Accident Attorney in Orlando, Steen Brown, likes to have a conversation with clients as to total medical billing numbers and what a fair settlement would be based on those numbers, the final narrative from doctors and MRI reports. Mr. Brown like to make sure we are all on the same page and there are not unrealistic expectations. The settlement numbers you often here on TV commercials are for folks with very serious injuries. Most car accidents don’t fall into that category and you should give thanks that you are not one of those.

Nor do we think that treatment should go on and on for years unless injuries are very serious. We look for providers who understand that car accident victims need to reach maximum medical improvement, which may not be full medical improvement, rather than a strong interest in continuous billing.

All of these things, and good, fair settlements, of course go into working your case through the system as quickly as possible.