In order to recover damages in a personal injury claim in Florida, the driver that hit you must have been negligent and your injuries must have been the result of that negligence.

Now negligence is a funny thing, and you should never speak about negligence at the scene of an accident. A driver does not need to be ticketed to be negligent. For example, if you are rear ended, it is almost always the fault of the driver that rear ended you.  Or if someone is taking a left hand turn, they are expected to yield and if not doing so causes an accident, almost 99% of the time, an insurance company will judge these incidents as being negligent on the part of the driver causing them. If a pedestrian runs into the middle of the road, or steps out into ongoing traffic,  the pedestrian may be judged to be negligent in that case.


Negligence in an accident can be a very tricky thing. That is why you need your Automobile Accidents Attorney in Orlando, Attorney Steen James Brown to help you sort out accident related facts before talking to any insurance company.

All drivers have a duty of what we call “reasonable care.” That is they are expected to exercise reasonable care on the road. So if a driver runs a red light, is speeding, is not careful at pedestrian walk ways, all of these things could be judged as not taking “reasonable care” on the road and may therefore be negligent if causing an accident. Of course, texting is the big one these days. Don’t text and drive. What happens on your phone could be evidence in negligent driving.

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