As most states do, Florida has a statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases. The state gives you 4 years from the date of the accident to file suit if need be. If you do not adhere to this time limit, except in rare cases where you may not have discovered injury during this time, the court may not hear your lawsuit. It is important to consult your Central Florida Car Accident Attorney, Steen James Brown, of Brown Law, P.L.,  well in advance of this 4-year window for help with your accident/injury claim to receive the best possible help with a fair settlement. In fact, we at Brown Law, P.L. advise to call us from the scene of the accident, and we will instruct you in ways to protect your interests.


Florida also has what we call a Comparative Negligence Law. What that means is sometimes, the person you think may be at fault for your injuries, may turn around and file suit against you. If for any reason, you are judged to be somewhat at fault for the accident, it could affect the compensation you could receive for your accident claim. The fault is a tricky thing. That is why you need your Central Florida Car Accident Attorney, Steen James Brown to help you sort fault out.

Florida follows a No-Fault system in car accident cases only. This means that your own insurance company will step up to the plate and cover at least the first $10,000 of your injury medical bills, no matter who was at fault for the accident. Most minor accidents fall under this no-fault rule. Most car accidents do not provide the kind of compensation you hear on T.V. Larger amounts of compensation come into play when the accident has caused permanent injury, significant scarring, disfigurement or death. Count your lucky stars and your fair, but smaller settlement if you are not in one of those injury categories. In any event, call Brown Law, P.L. 407-344-3400, your Central Florida Car Accident Attorney to help you determine how all these rules and regulations play out in your particular car accident case.

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