Florida car accidents amount to about 250,000 a year. Most are due to careless driving. Of course, as had been reported to you before, crash responsibility can be a tricky thing. You could be subject to weather conditions, uneven road grade, unforeseen curves in the road, road construction, etc. So not a good idea to admit fault at the scene of an accident, but follow some guidelines.


It is important to keep in mind what should be done in a car accident, where someone is injured in the State of Florida, so you know what to do ahead of time.

If there are injuries, you must get help and exchange driver information.  If you leave the scene of the accident without doing so, your license could be revoked.

Any accident involving injuries or vehicle damage over $500 should be reported to local police or State Highway Patrol.

Traffic should not be blocked, so as to incur other accidents or more harm to your vehicle or persons. Try to move vehicles, get help to do so, or call a tow truck immediately.

If one of the drivers disobeyed a traffic law, the reporting officer may issue a ticket. If you are issued a ticket, you must either pay it, or appear in court to state your case and accept the penalty the judge gives you. You may be required to take either an on line or in person Traffic Safety Course. If required to do that, you will have to provide the court with a certificate of completion.

If you hit a parked car or other vehicle, you must leave driver information on the windshield of the parked vehicle, and notify local law enforcement or Highway Patrol of the accident.

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