Yesterday, we acquired a client that was involved in a very bad car accident. Our client happened to be out in the wee hours of the morning.

First of all that is the worst time to be on the streets. Unfortunately, the driver that hit our client had been drinking; he hit our client from behind, at which time our client’s car sinned around and hit a barrier, while the other car flipped over several times.


Our client has neck and head injuries; the driver under the influence may lose a hand according to the police officer and also has other serious injuries.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers website, “Each day, people drive drunk more than 300,000 times, but only 3200 are arrested.”

Our client’s car was totaled as he was hit from behind at a high rate of speed, and forced into a barrier, ruining the front end of his car as well. He was in pain, yet trying to determine what to do with all this with the help of a police officer and how he was going to get home.

He came to us the next day as to how to proceed, still in pain. We were able to help get him into a doctor that day, talk to his insurance company about a property damage claim and start the procedure for his rental.

Now, we will be dealing with his injury claim. But can you imagine being at the scene of a serious accident like that, and having to sort all of this out?

This is why you need your Car Accident Attorney in Orlando, Steen James Brown, with Brown Law, P.L. 407-344-3400.

We will help you navigate a serious accident like this, help you get the medical help you need, which is our priority, and work your injury claim to get the compensation you deserve and therefore, not Add Injustice to Injury!

We are thankful to Mothers’ Against Drunk Drivers for all that they do, and the law enforcement officer who helped our client to get home from the scene of the accident.

This article is taken from: http://brownlawpl.com/dont-add-injustice-injury/