It is a well-known fact that Florida leads the nation in motorcycle Fatalities. Even though motorcyclists make up only 7% of the motorists in our state, 19% of fatalities involve motorbikes.


These accidents are due to many factors. Chief among them are distracted motorists using cell phones, etc., and not noticing motorcyclists, and motorcyclists themselves weaving in and out of traffic or not taking curves as slowly as they should.

There are some safety factors that could help. Motorcyclists should wear a helmet and protective gear. Sometimes we see motorcyclists on the road and they are wearing a helmet, but they have flip flops on their feet or are wearing shorts. Exposed body parts on a motorcyclist are an accident waiting to happen. Ride with your lights on to be more visible. Do not weave in and out of traffic just because you can. Get proper training through a motorcycle safety course.

Motorists, respect that motorcyclists have the same road privileges as auto drivers and give them enough room. Do not always expect to hear a motorcycle; be actively looking for any near you on the road. Take caution on left-hand turns. These account for a lot of motorcycle accidents. Don’t be texting and driving nor distracted in any way. Roadways are dangerous enough as it is.

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