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First and foremost Car Accident Attorneys in Orlando, work on a Contingency basis. What that means, is regardless of the amount of work the attorney does, you pay nothing unless he/she procures a settlement for you. So you really have nothing to lose and hopefully in hiring the right attorney everything to gain. So even though attorneys don’t work for free, not hiring one could cost you more in the long run in a poor settlement.


And don’t trust an insurance company that wants to rush you to a settlement without consulting your Car Accident Attorney in Orlando. Once again you have nothing to lose as the consult is free. Recently, a client came to us after an insurance company wanted to settle with him for a mere $1500. He thought that was a lot of money. We were able to settle for the policy limits of the at-fault party and got him the full $10,000. Granted, our firm, Brown Law, P.L. got 33 1/3% of that $10,000, but you do the math, he got a lot more than $1500.00.

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