Because of the population of Florida (4th most largest in population in the nation), Florida has become quite the hub for importing and exporting. Because of that, trucks on the road are a way of life in our state. And therefore, we have a great number of trucking accidents yearly.

The laws involving trucking accidents are a little more involved. That is why it is best to consult Orlando Truck Accident Attorney.


In Florida, trucks just like auto accidents have a duty to stop. But the duty imposed on trucks is even greater. State Law requires, that truckers involved in an accident, must not only stop and exchange driver information, but assist anyone hurt in the accident as well as call law enforcement and report the accident.

If a truck driver does not perform these duties of care to someone injured in an accident they were involved in, felony charges could apply.

By the same token, law enforcement is required to prepare a report whenever a commercial vehicle is involved. Even crashes that involve only property damage, but involve a commercial vehicle, must be reported  to local authorities.

Laws governing commercial vehicle accidents are much stricter. That is why it is always good to consult your Orlando Truck Accident Attorney, Brown Law, P.L. at 407-344-3400.

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