There is so much that one goes through after a car or motorcycle accident. The first thing to consider is your health and safety. Pushing the car out of the road or at least away from disturbing other traffic, and for your own safety, is paramount. Of course, if you are hurt, that would be your first consideration in calling for medical help or hopefully, someone else calling if you are unable. If you are hurt and the property damage is more than a fender bender, you must call local police or highway patrol. Exchanging driver information and pictures at the scene are also very important. So this is a lot.


Can you imagine, if you have not consulted your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando, Brown Law, P.L. 407-344-3400, and along comes the insurance company, making you an offer quickly, because they know your case will be worth that much more if you hire your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando. What if you are told the person that hit you and caused injuries has no bodily injury insurance. How could you be sure of that? Without your Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando, you probably could not be. We would, regardless of being told that, send for the policy to be sure the information we were given from the insurance company was correct.

A lot of times, insurance companies will try to rush you to a quick settlement. Most of what we see are offers of $1000 to $1500. It is probably good to realize, they wouldn’t be rushing you to a quick settlement if they didn’t think your claim is worth more and want to settle quickly before you consult your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando.

Only once, have we seen an insurance company offer a decent amount to settle a claim? The amount offered was a little more than the client would have gotten after we were paid for our work. Because we want most of the money to go into our client’s pocket, we advised our client to take the offer because it was in their best interest.

Normally, in any auto accident or motorcycle claim, you are treating medically 2 to 3 times a week. Some of our clients talk about extreme pain. So there you are trying to get well and you find out that the person that hit you gave you false insurance information. Can you imagine trying to figure out what to do about that? It happens all too often, and that is what your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando is for. We start at the beginning helping you to get the medical care you deserve. Then, we go about the ultimate task of figuring out all the players involved in the accident, and notifying all insurance companies, sending for insurance policies and figuring out the best method to help you recuperate the most for your injury claim. Sometimes at the scene of the accident, the authorities give you a Florida Traffic Crash Driver Information Exchange, which is not the same as a Crash Report. It takes about a week to get that and ranges at price from $10 to $15. We absorb that cost as well as any cost for medical records and take that off your back while you are concentrating on getting well.

It’s a lot, but it is what needs to be done to get you just compensation and we are happy to help you!

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