We prefer not to be a drive through car accident attorney. What I mean by that, is being a small firm, when we say we take it PERSONALLY, we fight for every penny you deserve, rather than rush our cases forward, taking whatever the insurance company offers, so that we can get paid. In fact, we have had 2 claims this week, where we were $500 apart with the insurance company. $500 is nothing to them, but for you it could pay one of your medical bills, and therefore put $500 more in your pocket. And that is our concern, that you get more than anyone involved in settlement, even ourselves. In both of those cases, we talked to management and got the additional $500 for our clients.

We also spend the time to negotiate your medical bills to put more in your pocket, since you are the one that suffered the injury. In our minds, even medical providers should not get all of the compensation due to you. Of course we are talking minor injury claims here – not catastrophic claims – where the medical bills could be astronomical.

Thank God most claims are not catastrophic. Most are every day collisions, where yes someone does get hurt, but injuries are not debilitating. Most of the big guys won’t take the small claims. We will take them all day long, because we champion the little guy, rather than the insurance company. In fact, that is one thing I love about Personal Injury, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, if you are hurt, and deserve compensation, and there is adequate insurance on both sides ( make sure you carry uninsured motorist coverage) you will get it by hiring us as your Car Accident Attorney In Orlando.

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